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Type: Hybrid
CBD: 0-1%
THC: 26%


Pink LED is a combination of Pink Lady and LED Tuna

Pink lady (sometimes also known as pink kush) is an A grade sativa dominant strain. Pink lady, although relatively expensive in the cannabis world, provides a cerebral high that is similar to that obtained by the OG Kush. Some report the indica/sativa ratio to be near 60:40 while both slightly higher and lower readings have been measured. The effects of this particular strain have been defined by some as a very pro-active one. What this means is that when smoked, the smoker will feel relatively more active and alive. This is perhaps one of the reasons why this strain is used by people suffering from ADD. People with chronic pains such as arthritis have also been known to use this. The aroma of this strain is very pleasing. It gives off that piney smell closely related to the type you get from car air fresheners. In terms of taste, it is anything but piney. Mostly fruity with major undertones of grapefruit. The smoke feels very, very smooth both on inhale and on exhale and is fast to act. The appearance of the pink lady is nothing special; it is a dull color of green with very few orange and white hairs.

LED Tuna Kush is simply Tuna Kush grown under LED lights. LED lights offer growers several benefits. It allows indoor growing; it produces healthier plants; and it reduces bacteria and pest risks. LED Tuna strain is one of the phenotypes of Hindu Kush, a classic Indica cannabis strain known for its potent medicinal benefits. An Indica-dominant strain, Tuna Kush is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. The buds of LED Tuna Kush are slightly elongated in shape and minty green in color. Tiny, vivid orange hairs twist in and around the buds, while frosty-white trichomes densely cover each bud. The leaves of LED Tuna Kush are bright green in color, slightly broad, and gently curl inward. Tuna Kush has a very overpowering aroma. But once you get past its pungent fishy aroma, it gives you a very rich mental and physical high.

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