Phantom OG (AAA+)

Phantom OG (AAA+)

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Type: Indica
CBD: 0-1%
THC: 25%


Phantom OG, also known as “Phantom OG Kush,” is an indica-dominant marijuana strain that begins with heightened energy and ends with a crash of full-body relaxation. Beyond its OG Kush genes, Phantom OG’s lineage is largely unknown, although many claim it’s related to the “Planetary Kush” series which includes Earth OG, Jupiter OG, Mars OG, and others. Its aroma is a rich combination of pine and lemon accented by a subtle menthol flavor. The initial euphoric jolt launches you into a happy, dreamy state of mind with fits of giggles and fixated concentration. Over time, you may notice some mental jamming, absent-mindedness, and impending sleepiness. Phantom OG is a great choice for patients treating insomnia, and others have reported its success in pain, appetite loss, and arthritis.

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